10 Tips to Avoid Loneliness While Working From Home

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The number of people working from home has been on the rise with 8 million people reportedly completing work-related tasks from the comfort of their residences in 2017. Technological innovations spur this trend. For instance, improved internet connectivity and innovations such as video conferencing have helped create flexible working environments.

While working from home accrues individuals a lot of freedom, it also has its downsides. Topping the list of these downsides is loneliness. When working from home, you might miss the human connections of a physical workplace. You can avoid loneliness while working from home with these tips.

1. Create A Morning Routine

Rolling from bed and jumping into your office makes working from home dull and lonely. To avoid this, have a morning routine which motivates you to face the day. Consider this a regular job and do things that people who work beyond their homes do.

Wake up, shower, wear nice clothes, and have breakfast before you hit your home office. This will help create normalcy in your schedule, hence kick-starting your day on a good note.

2. Have Breaks

While working from home, it’s easy to find yourself working more than eight hours a day. You get so absorbed in your work that you lose track of time.

This happens over and over again, resulting in a monotonous schedule and loneliness.  Have breaks in between your day so you don’t end up a desk potato. Take advantage of your flexibility by having at least a one or two-hour lunch break. Maximize this break by having some human connection.

For instance, grab lunch with your neighbor or meet an old friend. You can also take your pet to the park where you can socialize with other pet parents. As a result, you’ll have something to look forward to, thus eliminating working from home depression.

It’ll also boost your productivity as you’ll ensure you’ve accomplished something fruitful before that lunch break.

3. Make Your Working Space Appealing

You may not realize it, but your working space directly affects how you feel. For instance, spending the entire day in a dark, crowded space triggers loneliness, which eventually causes depression. Since it’s where you spend most of your time in, make your home office aesthetically pleasing.

Use colors that you love and proper lighting to create a perfect ambiance. Since you have the freedom, play around with décor, so it suits your preference. Incorporate plants, LED lights, or whatever you feel will help lift your spirits so you can avoid being lonely working from home.

4. Work Beyond Your Home Office At Least One Day A Week

Sure, having a morning routine and taking breaks will help prevent loneliness. However, repeating this over and over 6 or 7 days a week will become monotonous. Set aside at least one day a week during which you work beyond your home office. During this day you can choose to work from a local library, your favorite coffee joint, or even better a community work-space.

These work-spaces are becoming quite a popular thing. They attract people who work remotely and have everything you need for the day. They help you break the monotony of working from home every day. Also, they provide excellent platforms to socialize and form friendships with individuals like you.

5. Find Yourself A Collaboration Partner

For social butterflies, human connection is a necessity. If you’re one, find yourself a collaboration partner to create that human touch you need. Find someone who does the same thing as you and work together.

Such an individual is aware of the challenges of working from home and those related to your type of work.  Therefore, they’ll help motivate you when you’re feeling lonely and snap you back to reality when you slack.

Note, thanks to technology; a collaboration partner doesn’t have to be there physically. You can video chat throughout the day, and it’ll be like they’ve been there all day. You can find a suitable partner in the community spaces mentioned earlier.

6. Get A Pet

If you’re an introvert, human connection during the week might not be a must for you. But still, spending all weekdays locked up in your office can cause loneliness.

If you’re an animal person, get a pet to help you beat the blues and motivate you to leave the house. For instance, if you keep a dog, you’ll have to leave the house at least once a day to walk it.

7. Be Active On Social Media

Social media also provides a great distraction tool. Spend some time socializing on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Catch up with old friends who are far away through these platforms.

Join groups and see how other individuals find work from home happiness and how they handle the challenges. While at it, keep in mind social media can be addictive, so use it wisely.

8. Have An Occasional After-Work Plan

Other than working outside your home office one day a week, have a once in a week after work plan. For instance, every Thursday hook up with your friends and go for a simple karaoke night. You can also meet with other co-workers.

Better still, you can make this the day that you and your significant other go for an outdoor dinner. If you have a family, set aside this evening and cook up a storm for them. In a nutshell, set aside at least one midweek evening where you’ve something fun to anticipate.

9. Travel

While all the tips above will help keep loneliness at bay, doing it for a prolonged period can result in isolation. When you start feeling this way, then it’s time to take a break from your regular working environment.

The good bit about working from home is that you can take your work with you. So traveling doesn’t mean you put your work on hold.

10. Remember You Aren’t Alone

Feeling as if you’re the only one who feels lonely is what causes depression. Thus, on top of it all, remember there are 8 million others who work from home and who face similar challenges.

Also, keep in mind that it’s normal to feel lonely when you work from home. So don’t take it to heart. Do all of the above, and you’ll be just fine.

Explore More Ways to Avoid Loneliness While Working From Home

Whether you’re an independent freelancer or you work for a large company while at home, you’re susceptible to loneliness while working from home. The secret ingredient to avoiding it is to find a balance between your work and social life. Check us out for more survival tips if you work from home.

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