Welcome to Work / Home / Life, a site dedicated to helping you achieve your work at home dreams to give you the life that you want.

Many of us dream of a world where we no longer have to leave home to work the usual 9-5+ and can be in control of our own destiny, doing a job we love with the flexibility we crave. For many people working at home remains exactly that – a dream. Working from home can seem impossible or you just might not know where to start. On this site, we hope to not just show you that earning money at home is possible, but also help you decide where to start.

The founder of Work / Home / Life working on a beach in the Dominican Republic

The original creator of Work | Home | Life working on a beach in the Dominican Republic

Thanks to the internet, there are more possibilities than ever to make decent money from home. There are a crazy number of opportunities online. Online jobs can offer the ultimate in flexibility and freedom. Pick your own work hours, work from anywhere and decide how much work you want to do for yourself. There are options that are perfect for people who want to work full time, part time or just want to better utilise the hour they have free every evening or when their baby is asleep.

Work | Home | Life is an Australian site focused on helping Australians achieve their goals.  However, the vast majority of information on this site is applicable for anyone, anywhere. In fact, one of the big benefits of a work from home job is that many of them can be completed from anywhere. Maybe you are an Australian travelling around Asia, or an American in Europe or a stay at home mum anywhere, many of the options on this site are perfect for you.

This site was started by a work at home mum, Shanon, who wanted to help others find their perfect work at home opportunity. Our writers are all people who have managed to make our own work at home dreams a reality – now let us help you make yours!

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