Meet Jen, an affiliate marketer

Meet Jen, a US based mum who found the freedom to quit her job and work from home as an affiliate marketer. Check out her interview below…

1. Please introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m Jen. Currently I live in Phoenix, USA and I am a mother to two wonderful little rascals.

2. When did you start working from home? What inspired the change?

Working from home was always my dream. First of all, I wanted to get away from working for an hourly rate and doing the hours that suited the man. These days, I work only the hours I like, I choose my jobs and I can create anything I want. Love the freedom!

3. What different ways have you tried to earn an income working from home? What do you do now to earn money?

My main focus for money making is recommending and selling sewing and embroidery machines via Amazon affiliation program. I absolutely love everything about embroidery and sewing, so naturally I love sharing my passion with my readers and thus helping them with choosing the right embroidery machine for them.

4. How long did it take you to earn enough money to quit your day job?

It has taken me at least six months to finally let go of the comfort of the old job and the false illusion of security. However, once the decision was made to move on, it has only taken me three months to prepare the classes to teach embroidery and sewing, and to organize my website just the way I wanted. Now all the hard work is behind me and I am looking positively into the future.

5. How much do you earn in an average month now?

From month to month my income varies depending on the sales form my Jen’s Sewing Machines website and how many classes I choose to do in the specific month. However, on average I would say that I sit on a comfortable 5K per month.

6. What tips would you give yourself if you could go back in time to when you first started working at home?

There are a million things that you learn along the way and to be honest, I wish I knew it all from the start. That way I would save a lot of time and money in the process. Hmm… If I had to choose only one, then it would be: Never doubt yourself. Doubt is an empty and useless thought. Dreams do come true if you stay focused.

7. What has been the secret to your success?

Persistence! Even though there were many nights when I was doubting myself for the choices I have made, persistence has pushed me along. And that drive propels you forward and you simply cannot fail!

8. What mistakes have you made along the way?

There are always mistakes and I have made plenty. One of them was writing website content with my fingers crossed that someone would find it! I have stumbled to create a website that ranks well in google search for months. However, with continuous learning curves, I became to understand how it all works. I learned that SEO is of great importance when it comes to creating content, I have learned about correct linking structure to my posts and much more.

9. What is the best part about working from home?

The best part of working from home is the freedom. Freedom to continue my passion for sewing and embroidery and being able to share that passion with all my followers, readers and friends.

10. What is the worst part about working from home?

It gets a little lonely at times. I miss interaction that you have when you simply have regular work with co-workers or team mates. However, I would not go back to the grind and forfeit my freedom.

11. What advice do you have for anyone starting out?

Believe in yourself. Stay strong and persistent with your choices. A positive attitude will carry you to inevitable success!

Check out Jen’s website to learn all about embroidery and sewing machines. You will learn all the fun facts about these amazing machines, get to know which are the best embroidery machines for you and much more.

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