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One of the best paying online survey sites is definitely MyView. They offer great value for your time and they are the survey site that I personally have had the most success in using.

In addition to being easy to use, MyView offers the one thing that many survey sites lack – instant rewards. Not only are points instantly applied to your account meaning you can redeem them straight away, but many of the rewards themselves are instant too.

You can learn all about what MyView offers in the review below, but it is always a good idea to sign up for yourself to see exactly how it works.

How does MyView work?

Signing Up

Signing up for an account with MyView is a breeze. As with most legitimate online survey sites, signup is free. The signup questions are not too intense – you specify your email address, gender and postcode in addition to some other info.

After signing up you can start to complete surveys for points. For me, surveys weren’t available to complete immediately and it took a few days for them to start piling up.

Using their website

I love when survey sites keep it simple – and MyView do exactly that. Their layout is one without complications and distractions, and as such their website is very easy to navigate.

The dashboard displays surveys as they become available telling you how much points you’ll receive, an estimate of how long it will take and how many days you have left to complete it.

They also have polls if you’re interested in participating to contribute to the feeling of an online community.

How to earn points with MyView

The best part of MyView for me is just how easy it is to earn points – but I have to say, I think I’m an anomaly. On their website they state that most people receive around 4 survey offers per month – I receive about 1 a day!

I receive an email notification every time a new survey becomes available.  complete surveys as they become available. Most of these surveys take between 15-30 minutes and you will receive around 100 – 300 points per survey. The surveys really don’t take long and they are some of the most visually appealing surveys to complete. They can even be quite fun.

Myview panel

You also receive an entry into their monthly prize draw for surveys you complete where you have the chance to win a share of $2000.

How much does MyView pay?

MyView has a great points system as it is pretty much set in stone. For each survey that becomes available, you’ll be told how long the survey will take an how much you’ll receive for completing the survey in both points and dollar value.

100 points is equivalent to $1 depending on how long it takes you to complete them, and as most surveys are worth around 100 – 300 this is excellent.

If I were to complete all of these surveys in the image above I’d receive 1500 points which is worth $15. This is fantastic!

You can also receive special offers where certain quizzes are worth a $10 gift card, and you can get better value from certain gift cards than others.

How can you redeem points?

With 1000 – 2000 points in your account (depending on the reward type) you can redeem your points and MyView offers several ways for you to do this.

The first thing to note however is that MyView does not pay cash. There are however a range of gift cards to choose from through the rewards section on your profile.

Electronic gift cards are available immediately whilst others can take some time to be processed. The GiftPax gift cards in particular are great value. You can see from the image below that I can instantly redeem a $20 gift voucher with 1000 of my points which- and I did. :)

MyView dashboard

The range of gift cards is pretty good as there are gift cards available for most of the major retailers. You can to use your points to make a donation to a given charity.

The verdict

  • • Some of the best rewards for your time
  • • Regular surveys
  • • Easy to use website
  • • Entry into the monthly cash giveaway

  • • You can’t redeem points for cash
  • • Surveys weren’t available to complete straight away

  • • 100 points is equivalent to $1
  • • It takes about 1000-2000 points to redeem them

Click here to learn more about MyView.

With survey sites in particular, one thing seems to be apparent – different sites work better for different people. For me, MyView works brilliantly.

I receive so many offers to complete surveys from MyView that often I don’t complete all of them – and I still make money.

In addition to this, I think they pay the best in the relation to the time it takes to complete surveys.

Now, they certainly aren’t perfect. I really do wish they had the option to pay via PayPal.

The reason I’m satisfied with MyView however is that they pay well, you receive points instantly, and you receive rewards fast. In my mind, these are the makings of a quality survey site and one that deserves a top rating to go along with it.

Sign up to MyView and start earning points today.

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