Pureprofile Review: Making money with Pureprofile surveys

More and more people are recognising that online surveys are a legitmate way to earn some extra cash, and one of the best sites I’ve discovered is Pureprofile.

There are a few reasons why I love Pureprofile. Not only do they have a super easy to use website, but they offer what many survey sites don’t which is CASH! It’s becoming rarer to see survey sites offer cash rewards and it’s great that Pureprofile offers this. In addition to cash, they also offer other ways to redeem the money you earn from surveys.

Pureprofile offer the ultimate in personalised experiences. Their website keeps it super simple allowing you to see exactly where your opportunities to earn money are and encourages you fill in additional information to further personalise your experience.

You can learn more about how Pureprofile works below.

How does Pureprofile work?

Signing up

As with most legitimate paid survey sites, Pureprofile is free to sign up to. Their signup process is one of the simplest out there which is a theme with their entire website. You simply enter your email information and answer a few standard questions (gender, birthday, postcode) and you’re in.

Right from the get go, I was presented with loads of survey opportunities and many of these paid quite well!

Using their website

Pureprofile’s website is definitely their best asset. It’s super easy to use and everything is displayed in a clear way which avoids any confusion. By ditching a points based system, you can easily see how much money you have in your account at any one time on the upper right corner of the screen. This is real money and once you reach the threshold for a certain reward, you’ll will be able to redeem it.

As I said before, Pureprofile do a great job of personalising the experience for the user. They do this by delivering feedback and information on the feed and the main way they do this is via the customised feed which allows you to select which type of content and surveys you’d like to receive. It’s easy to filter through things as well to see exactly where your opportunities to earn money are.

If I choose to view only ‘Surveys’ then I’ll see exactly where I can make money. If I choose to view ‘Profile’ then I’ll see opportunities to further fill in my profile.

Surveys themselves are laid out as shown below.

You can further personalise your profile by connecting it to your social media accounts. The more you update your profile the better chance you’ll have at receiving targeted surveys. Plus, you’ll earn more money by doing these tasks.

The most essential step for Pureprofile, and any survey site for that matter is to enter as much information as possible in your profile so that they can find dedicated surveys. You don’t have to answer every question, but you should try to.

They also have other ways to keep you engaged such as polls and competitions where you have the chance to win prizes such as drones and kindles!

How to earn money with Pureprofile

Although there are a few ways to earn money with Pureprofile, the dominant way is by completing surveys.

I receive an email most days that details surveys I can complete and how much I can potentially earn, which I prefer than receiving an email for every individual survey.

The surveys give you a range of how much you can earn, which could be between a few cents to a few dollars. This is because even if you don’t qualify for the survey, they’ll still pay you.

The best paying surveys generally take around 20 – 30 minutes and the pay is pretty good. I’ve received up to $4.80 from a single survey, but I’ve also received 10 cents for not qualifying. Luckily when you don’t qualify for a particular survey it doesn’t take too long to find out, and at least you’re rewarded in a small way.

Although the best way to earn money with Pureprofile is through surveys, you can also complete activities like watching videos to earn money.

They have a great feed that you can check anywhere, anytime and I find that there is almost always a survey waiting for me.

How can you redeem points?

Pureprofile offer a fantastic range of ways to redeem points.

For many people the best part of Pureprofile is the ability to receive actual cash rewards as compared to gift cards and vouchers. However, Pureprofile doesn’t only pay cash as rewards and they actually have a fanastic rewards program where you can redeem your money through Giftpay for Giftcards that can be used at Woolworths, JB Hifi, Dan Murphy’s, KMart, itunes etc. You can check out more at https://www.giftpay.com/business/egifts.aspx.

Once your balance reaches the threshold for the particular reward you’ll be able to receive it. For example you can redeem for $20 and $50 gift cards, Hoyts movie tickets and more.

You can also choose to redeem cash and use it to pay for anything you like including groceries, movie tickets, massages, Netflix, Spotify etc.

It’s also super easy to setup your account for direct bank transfers. To receive cash via bank transfer you’ll need to earn a minimum of $25.

The verdict

Pureprofile has become one of my favourite survey sites to earn money online. They offer one of the easiest user experiences – everything feels personalised and relevant. The rewards feel fair and the ability to receive cash via bank transfers is fantastic.

They’re very quickly becoming one of the most popular survey sites in Australia, so sign up now and get in quick because the best offers don’t always last!

Click here to get started on PureProfile.


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