The Top 10 Stay at Home Jobs for New Parents

Stay at Home Jobs

Are you ready to join the nearly 3.5 million Australians who work from home on a regular basis?

Working from home lets you spend more time with your kids without giving up your income. Stay at home jobs give you more flexibility.

But how do you find a legit job? It seems overwhelming. But sticking to a few top job options gives you guidance and narrows down your search.

Check out our recommendations for top stay at home jobs for parents.

1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of many lucrative work from home jobs. The more experience you gain as a writer, the higher rates you can charge.

Freelance writing jobs come in a variety of writing types. Companies and blogs often hire freelancers to do their writing work for them.

Examples of freelance writing jobs include writing:

  • Blog posts
  • Product descriptions
  • Web page content
  • Marketing materials
  • Technical specs
  • Manuals
  • Case studies
  • Grants
  • Social media content
  • News articles

Some companies may want a journalism degree. But many freelance writing jobs only require that you prove your writing skill.

Specialising in a certain field can help you land jobs and increase your rates. If you have experience in the medical field, you can market that medical background, for instance.

2. Online Tutor

If you have experience in teaching, consider stay at home jobs as an online tutor. Interactive platforms let you use video and shared whiteboards to teach students anywhere in the world.

This option can be a little complicated with a baby at home. You’ll need a quiet spot where your students can’t hear the baby cry.

You’ll also need someone to watch your baby while you tutor. This option works well if you can tutor while your spouse is home to watch the baby.

Tutoring is often a part-time stay at home job. This makes it a more flexible option so you’re not committed to lots of hours.

3. Family Day Care

You want to stay home to take care of your own little one. Why not help other parents by watching their kids, too?

A family day care center lets you work with a small number of kids in your home. You provide nurturing and educational activities to those kids in your care.

As your child gets older, having other children in your home offers a socialization option. Your little one has a built-in group of friends.

How much you charge for your service can vary depending on the area. It’s common to charge $6 to $10 an hour per child. If you provide food, nappies, and other supplies, you can charge more to cover those costs.

You can start a family day care by registering with a family day care service. You’ll need various training, clearance to work with kids, a national police check, and liability insurance.

4. Selling Handmade Items

Put your crafty skills to work by selling handmade items. Ideas include jewelry, wall signs, wreaths, party decor, journals, and custom clothing.

Etsy is an easy online platform for selling your handmade items. You pay a small fee per sale. But you have access to a large audience, so it’s easier to find customers.

You can also sell your items at local markets. This option isn’t completely home-based. You may need to schedule the markets for times when someone else can watch your child.

You can also sell the items on your own website. This takes more time to build up a clientele. You need to get traffic to your website and build brand awareness to increase sales.

5. Freelance Professional Services

Does your pre-parenting career lend itself well to freelancing? Turn that real-world experience into a small home-based business.

Running a freelance business for your professional business gives you more control. Instead of working a regular schedule outside the home, you set your hours.

You can choose to take on just a few clients to fit your schedule. As you learn to balance your baby and working from home, you can take on more clients.

What types of jobs work for this option? Think bookkeeping, accounting, and software development,

6. Social Media Manager

If you know your way around social media, you may have a potential stay at home career as a social media manager. This role handles various aspects of social media for companies.

Some social media managers handle creating all social media posts for the companies they manage. That might include Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram posts, and other social media creation.

You may also handle social media interactions with followers on the social media pages. That could include responding to comments and messages. The job also includes encouraging people to comment and interact with posts to boost social media engagement for the company.

7. Virtual Assistant

Small businesses always need help handling day-to-day administrative tasks. Some hire virtual assistants on a contract basis instead of hiring a full-time, in-house assistant.

The range of tasks for a virtual assistant varies by company. Some possible tasks include:

  • Writing marketing content
  • Handling social media
  • Editing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Data entry
  • Managing invoices
  • Creating reports
  • Scheduling appointments

Virtual assistant companies help pair you with businesses that need help. This option makes it easier to find work. You’re not responsible for finding your own clients.

You can start your own virtual assistant company. This option comes with a higher earning potential. It’s more work, though, because you have to find your own clients and handle invoicing them.

8. Coaching

Another way to use a specific talent is to create a coaching business. Think about your area of expertise. Would others pay you for your knowledge?

Coaching is a growing online business option. People want a fast-track to learning a particular skill or piece of knowledge.

Business coaching might focus on general business or a specific business skill. You might coach people on communication or presentation skills.

You can also choose a personal coaching focus. Life coaching to help people reach their personal goals is an example.

Coaching works well for a stay at home parent because you can set your own hours. You also have control over how many clients you take on at any one time.

9. Transcription Work

If you’re fast with your keyboard, you may have a career option in transcription, which relies on fast typing speeds to make more money.

Different industries hire people to transcribe audio into text. The medical industry is one common option. You’ll have a better chance at a job if you have previous medical experience.

You’ll need some equipment for transcription. It usually requires a headset, digital food pedal, and audio playback software.

Quality equipment helps you work faster. That’s important because transcription jobs often pay by the audio minute. The faster you complete the work, the more you make.

10. Travel Agent

Are you the go-to planner for your family vacations? Do friends ask you for travel advice?

If you’re a pro in the travel field, you can turn it into a career as a travel agent working from home. Many travel agencies hire agents to work from home. This option gives you access to leads and is easier to start right away.

If you previously worked as a travel agent, you may have the skills to start your own travel planning company from home. You can keep more of the earnings, but you’ll need to drum up your own clients. It can take time to build up your clientele.

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