How to use Digle to Save Time and Make Money


If you are anything like me then you use Google a lot. I am always searching for how to do things, where to go and just general research on anything that pops into my head.

What if I could tell you there was a smarter, quicker way to do research? And what if I told you this solution was also a way you could make money?

Sounds great, right.

That’s why when I heard about Digle, I knew I had to share it here. It does both of these things.

What is Digle?

If I was going to put it in one sentence, I would say that Digle is a people powered search engine. But what does that mean?

Basically, Digle helps you save time by removing the research part of what you do online when searching. I think the best way to illustrate this is with an example.

Say you need a new washing machine. Instead of using Google and searching out the different choices, reviews, prices and where to buy it from, you could put this into Digle with all your requirements. Then a real person can do the research for you and find the best results for you.

It’s a great way to go because normal search engines just cannot perform this sort of complex search.

This is a great way to save time if you need to do research. It’s also a way that you can earn money by doing the research for someone else.

This video explains it much better than I can…

How does Digle Work?

You have a problem that you need to solve and you don’t have the time to do the research using a traditional search engine or don’t have the knowledge to do it quickly.

  1. Log in to Digle and post your search. Give as many details and conditions as you can to ensure that you get back the best possible results. You can include images and links to help explain this. You also set the reward for the top results in cash or free credits and the time allocated for the search.
  2. Digle matches the seach with potential Finders. “Finders” is what Digle calls the actual people who do the research and return the results. Digle has a special algorithm, which ensures that Finders who are matched to searches based on the relevancy of what they have delivered in the past, and their specialisms/interests.
  3. The Finders are able to view the search and can decide to work on if they believe they can find the results within the allocated time.
  4. Once a Finder has the results, they submit them.
  5. Once the time is up, you can look at the results and select the best one as the Winner.
  6. You have what you are looking for and the Finder has credits which can be cashed in or receive benefits within Digle.

How can I use Digle to save time?

Digle is a great way to save time. Submitting your search topics to Digle means that someone else is doing the research for you. This will be someone who already has knowledge relevant to the search categories, as well as experience scouting out information on the web, making them more skilled and efficient at finding results than most people.

It’s very easy to set up a search and get started right away. Here’s an example of one that I ran:

Digle job

You need to reward the Finder who gives you the best search results with “credits”. You’re given 3 free credits upon signing up. The cost of a cash credit currently starts at $1.15, and you can also offer free credits to Finders who are looking to raise their XP.

How can I use Digle to make money?

I’m not going to lie, you are not going to get rich by using Digle. The amounts are small and you may do the work for a search and not get marked as the winner.

However, there is a lot of potential and if you enjoy internet research and have areas that you are good at and you know you could perform the searches very quickly then this is a great way to make money in your downtime.

digle Searches available

Some of the searches that were available when I logged in

I suggest that you fill in your profile as thoroughly as possible as this will help you get more relevant searches.

How to get started

Anyone can sign up and get started right away. Just go here.

Have you tried out Digle? How did it go?

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Avatar for Shanon
Leonie - January 10, 2017

Thanks for your hints and tips for working from home. Slow and steady wins the race and I appreciate all that you write, hints and tips from working from home, as I try to work from home as it benefits my heart heel being and a little income that will grow with time in my pocket. I have hope as I look forward to your inspirational reads. One question though I have been doing survey for a number of years and if you are honest in your information you provide I have never learnt $35 for a survey, over time I accumulate enough to be able to be given $20 gift cards or small amounts of money but nothing large. Keep up the great work look forward to working with you in 2017, all the best for the New Year

    Avatar for Shanon
    Sharon Gourlay - January 10, 2017

    Thanks Leonie! It can happen with surveys although it is definitely rare. Toluna had a promotion a couple of months ago that was $30 for the first survey. Good luck!

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