Work From Home: 6 Perks You’re Missing Out On

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Better control over your work schedule. More time for family, friends, and personal hobbies. Less stress over morning commutes and business wardrobes…

These are just some of the reasons more people are freelancing instead of the typical 9 to 5 office routine. Over one-third of the population now chooses to work from the comfort of their own home.

This freelance remote workforce makes for a better work-life balance and freelancers find that it benefits their wellbeing and leads to a healthier lifestyle.

So, is an at-home career right for you? Read on for 6 surprising perks to expect when you work from home.

1. A Flexible Schedule

Freelance work-from-home jobs offer you more flexibility in your career. This means you don’t have to follow the norm of a typical 9 to 5 workday.

With jobs like blogging, data entry, and earning passive income online, you often get to set your own hours. This allows you to select a routine that works best for your lifestyle.

This is ideal for those who work best as an early riser or a night owl. These type of freelancing jobs let you work during your most productive times. They give you total control over your work schedule.

In doing this, you’ll notice a better work-life balance. You’ll experience less stress and more job satisfaction.

Freelancing careers are great for working moms or those going back to university. They allow you to make more effective use of your time by working from home.

2. A Well-Designed Work Space

Those who work from home full-time or part-time often have a designated workspace within their home. It’s an opportunity to design your own home office, built for comfort and convenience.  This can also be a cosy work nook or a small desk in a quiet part of the house.

Here, there is none of the corporate office culture or structure. You get to create a working environment that inspires you and spurs creativity.

You can paint the walls a soothing color of your choice. You can play any style of music at any noise level you want. You can also opt for a standing desk for better circulation and posture.

You can also place your desk right next to a window to let in natural light and gain a nice view. It also helps to add lots of house plants on and around your desk. These work to reduce symptoms of stress and help to purify the air quality.

Outdoor workspaces are also popular during nice weather. You can set up shop in the backyard garden or on the patio. Being in nature is also great for balancing stress levels and getting some fresh air.

In-home office spaces also make it easier to work without distractions. This includes talkative co-workers and ringing phones. This makes it easier to concentrate on tasks and have better productivity levels.

3. Access to All the Comforts of Home

Working from the comfort of your own living space offers you many added conveniences. This provides you with a less stressful schedule and more time for household chores.

You’re able to make healthier eating choices, rather than turning to takeout. You can meal prep and store healthy lunch and snack options right in the fridge. You can also make your own coffee rather than buying more expensive lattes at a cafe.

You can get in a workout during your lunch break, at a local gym or at home. You can also run a load of laundry while getting work done. Working from home provides an easy way to check things off your ever-growing to do list.

Another great perk of working at home is that you don’t have to stress over what to wear to work. This includes styling your hair and applying makeup.

You also won’t have to remember to pick up the dry cleaning, as you’re able to wear comfortable clothing instead.

4. Extra Free Time with Less of a Commute

Those working in major cities should always expect extra long commute times. This includes both driving your own vehicle and taking public transportation. Most of these full-time commuters have an average of 71 minutes for a one-way return trip.

This is lots of time lost that could be better spent cooking, cleaning, or working out. It also cuts into sleeping hours and spending time with family. This is how extra long commutes can affect your mental health and wellbeing.

Work-from-home jobs let you avoid rush hour commutes altogether. This gives you more opportunities for using your free time to your advantage.

You also have the option of using a nearby co-working office space or coffee shop. Yet, you can visit these places outside of rush hour traffic. Or you can walk or ride your bike to get in more physical activity.

5. More Opportunities to Conserve

Working from home can help to save time, energy, and money over time.

Without a commute, you’re spending less on fuel. Those who live in an urban location may not even need a vehicle. It’s also much better for the environment with fewer cars on the road.

There is also less money spent on a work wardrobe. You’ll also save on food, ordering less takeout for meals. Some people who work full-time also choose to freelance part-time as a way to bring in extra money.

6. A Path for Personal Development

Moving from a traditional office job to working from home offers a rewarding learning experience. It’s a chance to try a new career path and enhance your skill set.

You’ll make new connections and learn to thrive without getting micromanaged. You’ll also enhance your writing and communication skills. Working from home also allows you to expand your knowledge of digital technology.

You also get to break free from your comfort zone and learn new ways to motivate yourself. It’s an opportunity to teach yourself independence and diligence.

There are also many opportunities for professional and personal growth. You can even start your own business from home. This offers great potential for success and to make more money in your career.

Ready to Change Your Lifestyle and Work From Home?

Those who work from home gain a flexible schedule and better work-life balance. It’s a chance to explore new career opportunities and enhance your skill set. Freelancing careers also help reach a happier lifestyle with greater job satisfaction.

Are you to begin your new career path? Here are the best sources for finding online freelance work to get you started.

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